About Us

.اهلا و سهلا مرحبا

Ibn Mas’ood reported,Prophet (pbuh) said:

الله جميل ٌ يحب الجمال
“Allah is Beautiful and HE loves Beauty”
[Sahih Muslim: 131]
Similarly, we all love to be seen Beautiful but we have certain boundaries of modesty and decency.
Muslimahs are not bound to be seen as out dated zombies as people think yet we are supposed to have a blend of vogue and elegance.
If you’re looking for some place to have that Hybrid appearance.  You’re at the right place.
Team SHUJAAN brings you a small yet diverse venture where you can get your hands on every trendy pick-ups in affordable rates. In shaa  Allah. 
We will strive hard to upgrade your lookbook with  best quality trendy modest attires and accessories.
 So, reserve your’s asap before your favourites get booked.
May Allah make it easy for us to provide you with best service and help us to maintain the balance that leads to success .