How to Wear a Hijab in Different Ways and Styles in 2023?

Knowing the significance of hijab, this cloth wrapped by women has a lot to say. Practicing hijab isn't just an obligation; instead, it multiplies women's purity, beauty, and elegance. Simply WOW!

Well, hijab can be worn and styled in several ways, depending upon the weather, attire, and event. Currently, there are a variety of hijabs available online with different colors for all skin types. You can also style it with different fabrics to create a unique look each day. 

It's a common concern for hijabis that they can't try out as many styles as other people, but that's not true. You can mix up as many styles and trends as you wish. 

There are numerous ways to style the hijab that are all distinct in their own ways. Cultural diversity is one such influence that impacts the styling of the hijab. Arabs carry their own style with a more voluminous look; however, Indonesians keep it simple and elegant.

The veil had already become mainstream fashion when several renowned brands like H&M and Yeezy hired hijabi models to showcase their outfits. With this integral piece of clothing gaining worldwide attention, we had to talk about multiple ways to style them.

If you aren't aware of many of the trendy hijab styles that exist on earth, keep reading this blog till the end.   

There are many chic ways to style a hijab. This blog is all about wearing a hijab in different ways. It's high time you need some best ways to get the perfect hijab style.  

15 Distinct and Versatile Ways of Wearing Hijab this 2023

Hijab is an essential piece of wardrobe for a hijabi girl. 

Dressing up modestly and perfectly managing to slay your outfit is definitely a challenging task and gets more when you are clueless about what and how to mix and match.

We have come up with a few tips and tricks you should keep in mind while styling your hijabs whenever you head towards an outing. 

  1. Always look for matching hijabs as your clothes for a seamless look. 
  2. Pair your formals with a silk or chiffon hijab. 
  3. You can accessories your hijab with jewellery to make it look fancier for events like weddings. 
  4. If wearing printed clothes, wear a simple or solid hijab. 
  5. Style your hijab in an elegant modern way when wearing western. 
  6. Remember to keep extra pins, my dear! 

Well, moving forward, according to fashion industry experts, the fabric of the hijab is equally vital as its style; hence you can either use a single hijab material in styling several distinct ways or try the same style in a different fabric. Each time you will indeed notice a difference in your face. 

Fashion and styling are all about combinations and a mix of tricks and techniques. There's no one size fits all kind of rule to this. Experimenting with things is undoubtedly the key, which shall make you learn what looks best on you. 

To make it a little easy for the newbies, we are here to help you choose an exclusive look for your every outfit. So continue reading to learn how to wear hijabs in different styles and try out as many ways as you love.  

Simple Hijab Style

Before styling the gorgeous hijab looks, newbies need to learn the simple and basic hijab look, an everyday essential for to-be hijabis.

One of the basic styles is to take a square or a rectangle scarf. Place it in the centre of your head. Pin both sides together beneath your chin. Now, flip one end above your head or place it on your shoulder.

You can also take both ends and place them on opposite shoulders or bring the ends in front, depending on what suits your attire best. 

simple hijab

Modern Hijab Style

It is undoubtedly one of the most challenging tasks for any hijabi to style a hijab that goes effortlessly amazing with any western attire. Honestly, not every kind of hijab style goes well with western dressing.

However, it can be styled flawlessly, and you can use it to enhance your everyday look. The modern hijab accompanies a more functional style and prefers a simple and minimalistic touch.

Unembellished monochrome or solid hijabs draped across the head without pins or accessories are all the rage. Just drape it around your head instead of covering it around the face.

You can also wrap both ends around the neck and let them stay over the font to create a floaty hijab look. This style can be worn easily without worrying about the hijab pulling under the chin. 

Modern hijab style

Arabic Hijab Style

If you are searching for a classic Arab look, add height and volume to your hijab. Layering is the perfect technique for a flawless Arabic hijab style. You can also wear it as a turban wrap or wrap it around the face.

Pick a smaller hijab to cover the second one above and let the inner one hide beneath. For layering, you will need a longer hijab. A colourful or printed scarf will look stunning.

Also, a fringed scarf adds details to the overall outfit. You can add a bright scarf to your simple black outfit. But go for something other than this look if you live in a hot zone; instead, leave it for fall and winter days. Arab women usually pile their hair in high updos and wrap a big hijab, folding it in layers around the face. 

Arabic hijab style

Hijab Style with Earrings

You certainly don't have to miss out on earrings because of the hijab. Accessorizing your hijab can elevate your look significantly. You can style your hijab with contrasting colour earrings for a fancy look.

Pick a style of hijab that you like and combine it with matching earrings, depending upon the event and your attire. You need to make sure to leave your earlids uncovered.

Another way to pull off our earrings and hijab at a time is to go for a turban-style hijab. Wrap your scarf along the hairline and tie it at the end of your neck. Bring one end of the scarf in front and put your earring on for a complete look. 

Hijab style with earings

Hijab Style without Pin

If you live in a warm hot climate zone and are tired of sweat and messy hair, this is your perfect go-to hijab style. Also, this is an effortless look for students who usually tend to get late for colleges and universities.

Tie your scarf loosely from around your head to your neck. Not only does it leave you breathable, but it also looks fantastic and trendy. You can also try out this look for work and casual dinners.

You can also accompany it with a hijab cap, so your hair is no messier. Usually, women are tired of tying hijabs because of the hot weather. Loosely wrapped scarves make you look more stylish and let you stay comfortable.

In addition, it is a time-saving and comfortable way to pull off your hijab look. Running from chiffon to silk, or cotton to rayon, you can use any fabric for this style. 

Hijab Style without Pin

Hijab Style with Side Pin

This is probably the most common hijab style because of being the simplest and quickest. Wrap your head with a scarf and secure it with a pin on any side you wish.

Usually, women pin it on the left side but pinning it over to the right isn't wrong. It depends on your comfort and face type.

You can use a ball or a fancy pin to give it a stylish touch. This one honestly takes 2 minutes if you are good with hijabs. 

Hijab Style with Side Pin

Hijab Style with Chest Covered 

This is one of the basic styles of wearing a hijab. You can quickly achieve the look by using pins to secure it. Women who look to cover their chest with a hijab can effortlessly show off the beautiful prints and designs on the scarf.

This style seems minimal and gives a neat finish to your casual look. All you need to do is divide a scarf into two equal parts.

Then, spread one side across your chest and the other side the same when you wear any different type of hijab. Show your beautiful prints and style this way over a solid kurta or even with western attire too. 

Hijab Style with Chest Covered

Summer Hijab Style

Tying a hijab on a hot summer day can be exhausting. You should definitely go with a loose hijab so that all the breeze can pass through and not let you suffocate.

Take an oversized but flowy cotton or lawn scarf and drape it around casually to beat the scorching heat. It is not recommended to wrap the scarf tightly as it can result in much sweating. Instead, go for a feel-free and airy hijab for a fresh look. 

Summer Hijab Style

Winter Hijab Style

With coming winters, go for a piled-up layered look. Use a simple cotton hijab so that it can easily be layered up. Well, you definitely need to knit it properly and wrap it around tightly for a warm feel.

You can tie a knot with the loose corner of your scarf to add an unexpectedly unique touch. Hijabs in winter protect you from the cold breeze and keep you comfortable.

You can surely go for a voluminous look in winter as it gives both protection with style. Another way to slay is to opt for a chunky woollen scarf, maybe in an ivory shade, and pair it up with a monochrome jacket or cardigan to carry the style.

Winter Hijab Style 

Hijab Style for Gown

The hijab indeed complements the gown look. When weaning a princess-like gown, grab a royal-looking fabric for your hijab.

You can go for a turban style the same colour as your gown and add a glam touch by adding accessories for a sparkling look. You can also elaborate your style with a matching necklace, so your neck doesn't look empty. 

Hijab Style for Gown

Hijab Style for Saree

Pairing a hijab with a saree is a technical job, and there are chances you can go wrong. Choose a hijab that matches your saree instead of selecting a hijab that is too contrasting, as it would steal all your saree's beauty.

Go for a simple side-pinned hijab style. You can show off your earrings too. If not, you can pair it up with a headpiece or other embellishments to complete your traditional look. 

Hijab Style for Saree

Hijab Style with Glasses

A fantastic pair of shades always make you look trendy and stylish. But when wearing glasses with hijab, make sure not to wrap the hijab tightly as it can hurt your ears.

Instead, wear a tube cap to secure your hair and wrap the hijab loosely around the head. This way, you can comfortably pair up the shades with the hijab all day long. 

Hijab Style with Glasses

Hijab Style for Round Face

 Hijab is a little challenging to conquer with a round face. Usually, women fear letting their chubby cheeks pop out and make them look even rounder. The key is to avoid wearing a tight hijab.

Instead, wrap your scarf loosely and cover your chest alongside. This will give you a more elongated look, and you can flaunt your hijab effortlessly with a super cool look. 

Hijab Style for Round Face

Hijab Style for Wedding

Style yourself like a queen on your big day with a glamorous and royal hijab look. Wrap the scarf around your head tightly and choose a perfect matching colour as your dress.

Use a shiny or silky fabric for a more glam look. Add some embellishments or a headpiece to complete your royal look. 

Hijab Style for Wedding

Hijab Style for Party

Parties are indeed the best time to flaunt your style. Go for a layered or bumped-up look. Use a hair bumpit to add volume to your head and tie your hair in a super high updo.

Once you're done with your hair, drape your scarf over the hairdo to complete your trendy party look. If you want a more formal and simple style, go for a side hijab look. You can choose a shimmery or silky fabric for a fantastic look.  

Hijab Style for Party


Hijab is a significant part of religious attire, and we must learn the reasons behind wearing one. Well, there are infinite ways you can style your hijab. From simple to stylized ones, paired with accessories or layered up, we have it all for you. 

Hijab is revitalizing and a blossoming fashion nowadays. Currently, it is more of a fashion symbol, and women prefer stylish over decent looks for wrapping their heads. 

Due to rapid advancement in hijab trends, a variety of styles have been introduced, and it has become imperative to choose the hijab that compliments your attire well. 

You should also keep your face type in mind when styling a hijab for a more flawless and seamless look. It is necessary for you to determine your face type before opting for a hijab style, as it enhances your facial structure and elevates your overall look. 

With the above looks, styles, and trends, you must have identified and picked your favorite ones. Don't go boring with your hijab looks; try these new trendy styles every day for a unique appearance. It's your turn now to bring out your personality with sophistication. 

Hope this helps!