Detailed Guide on Choosing the Right Hijab Color For All Skin Types

Besides our distinct features, humans are born with versatile skin shades too. Ranging from lighter to darker, you will see multiple skin shades. 

Well, not to mention that women are more specific, cautious, and picky when it comes to choosing the right color combinations for their attires. 

Likewise, if you are a hijabi, you would definitely consider one that contrasts your outfit and simultaneously compliments your skin tone. Finding a suitable hijab that goes well with your skin tone makes you look more elegant and confident. 

Every hijabi needs to look for hijabs that are perfect for their skin tone. Therefore, your hijab collection should be stocked with a bundle of hijabs that bring out the best in your skin tone. 

Remember, every skin tone is beautiful; make sure to select the hijab of the color that would look better styled with your skin tone, complement your dress and make you appear flawless. 

If you are looking to build your hijab wardrobe, dig in more to find out which color will best suit you, as we have multiple hijab colors for all skin types. 

Hijab Color For Medium Skin Tone

For ladies with medium skin tones, neutral colors are your best go-to ones, making you look amazing anytime. These include ivory, beige, camel, blush, and mink. 

Go for ivory instead of white, as white will make you look dull, and ivory will bring that brightness to your face. 

Despite black being perfect for all, especially for medium skin tones, it may look a little harsh on a few, especially over women with delicate features.  

More no-fail colors for medium tones will be autumn hues such as cranberry, burnt sienna, amber, and olive green. 

Besides neutral and fall colors, go for bold tones like emerald, cobalt, royal blue, purple, and definitely bold red. Moreover, select bright vivids, like aqua, bright pink, maroon, and coral. 

Note to steer away from pastels as they will wash you out. 

Hijab Color For Medium Skin Tone

Hijab Color For Warm Skin Tone

People with warm skin tones should go more for cool colors than warm ones, as warm shades will make them look dull and dark. 

Your go-to colors will include shades of orange, red, yellow, and amber. In addition, subtle shades of green, blue and turquoise will suit warm tones. 

Neutrals like taupe, brown, latte, cream and white can be picked too, but trying icy shades, bright red, green, and blue, is not recommended. 

Hijab Color For Warm Skin Tone

Hijab Color For Dark Skin Tone

Ladies with dark skin tones must be surprised to hear that you have better chances to experiment with colors. Luckily, almost all colors work with dark skin tones, except a few, white is one such exception. It would be best to choose ivory and off-white rather than pure and stark white.  

Choose colors that add glow to your skin tone. One such example is dark red, which will suit your complexion the most. Similarly, dark grey is another good option. 

Pastel colors make dark skin tones glow extraordinarily, especially with blue, purple, and green colors.  

Well, please note to choose colors wisely, as lighter shades will make you look darker, and too-dark shades will make you appear harsh. 

Hijab Color For Dark Skin Tone

Hijab Color For Wheatish Skin Tone

Bold colors compliment wheatish skin tones the best. Many refrain from wearing vibrant and dark shades such as cobalt blue, but they truly look gorgeous on wheatish skin. 

Emerald green, golden, dark grey, magenta, orange, and earthy green are the must-haves. Go for hues of red, pink, blue, and a few pastels too. 

Avoid wearing beige and light brown, and to accentuate your skin tone, go white. 

Hijab Color For Wheatish Skin Tone

Hijab Color For Neutral Skin Tone

A neutral skin shade falls between dark and light skin tones, neither too dark nor too fair. However, there are several representations of a neutral skin tone. 

For such a skin tone, maroon is highly recommended as it's not too dark nor too vibrant. On the other hand, black, being the most common, is preferred by every hijabi and looks beautiful on all skin shades; but to be more specific, neural tone can be enhanced with a black hijab. 

Beige is made for all complexions but looks best on neutral skin tones. So if you are going for a nude one, it is best to go for a lighter shade of nude. Well, blues are also suitable for neutral skin shades and can be worn by fair ones too

Hijab Color For Neutral Skin Tone

Hijab Color For Light Skin Tone

There are tons of options available for fair skin tone. Women with fairer tones can style themselves with almost every color of hijab. 

Soft colors are for lighter skin tones, such as nude pink, best for pale complexions. However, yellow is highly preferable for such tones as it enhances the natural color of the face and adds a little bit of warmth too. 

White, just like black, is a common color and is suitable for all skin tones depending on your face type. However, fair tones are more preferred to go with white and off-white. 

Grey is a bit tricky color, and tends to make neutral and dark skin tones look dull. It is more of a fair and pink-tone women's thing. 

Hijab Color For Light Skin Tone


Remember that all skin tones are beautiful and don't define you, but the colors you pick indeed express your personality. 

Styling your hijab definitely adds a more fashionable look to your entire appearance; however, the essential decision for every hijabi is to select the perfect color that suits her skin tones and compliments the outfit too. 

Choosing an unsuitable color that doesn't go along your skin tone can make you look odd. Hence we recommended a few suggestions above to elevate your beauty and outfit that sync well with your skin tone.