Best Hijab Materials For Summer To Wear in 2023

When selecting a hijab, ensure that your choice holds the same importance as when selecting an outfit. It is more about making an intelligent choice that will adapt to your comfort and style both. 

Choosing the material for the hijab is vital because it can be a pain if you wear thick cashmere scarfs during the hottest days of the year. 

Life is good when you choose the suitable hijab material to wear in the summer. 

Toting a hijab might be challenging on a relatively hot day. Hence the most asked question is, what is the most suitable material for hijab in the summer? 

In light of this, we have sorted a list of the most preferred and best hijab materials for summer. These fabrics are perfect for warm weather, can be worn throughout the hot days, and also helps you stay looking fashionable. 


Chiffon is one of the most favorite fabrics for the majority of hijabis out there. This fabric has a very light feel and can be draped elegantly without hassle. It is all made for warm and hotter times of the year.

Its breathable texture helps the ventilation, making it a perfect go-to fabric in summer. You can either wear it with a thin or light-weighted cap or pin it for a double wrap effect for style. 

Chiffon Hijab


These hijabs are light to medium weighted. Despite being a little heavier than fabric like chiffon, this material is flexible and quite breathable due to a mix of organic cotton and lycra.

This fabric shall make you feel more comfortable in the summer. This is the most common and preferred summer hijab cloth because it offers moisture regulation and can fight hot flashes in hot temperatures.

In addition, this is one of the most evolved hijab materials that can be styled in numerous ways effortlessly. 

Jersey Hijab


This is a basic and daily go-to hijab material. Being extraordinarily light weighted, it is the smartest choice for summer clothes and hijabs too.

It is the perfect option to be wrapped with style in several ways to embrace that hot summer look. In addition, it is inexpensive, easily washable, and comes in multiple colors and prints. 

Cotton Hijab


This is also one of the recommended materials for hijabs in summer. It is man-made and is similar to cotton. It comes with a breathable feature that absorbs moisture too.

It is a good option for summer as it is relatively cheaper, doesn't wrinkle, and is good with ventilation. This is a standard fabric and can be found super easily. Also, these are versatile and can be paired with casual and formal, adding a touch of elegance to your attire. 

Rayon Hijab


The lawn is a summer-friendly hijab material that is light and airy. It also comes in versatile colours and prints.

Grab a lawn that is 100% pure or a cotton blend. What else would one need than a summer-friendly fabric that comes in numerous hues? Well, the lawn resists wrinkles too.

So you can be all carefree and head out anywhere with just mild ironing. It can be worn on several occasions and gives you a perfect everyday look with a cool breeze. 

Lawn Hijab


Unlike other hijab materials, linen doesn't cling to the skin; it is thin and breathable and an ideal fabric for summer.

It is your go-to option if you want to feel a little cooler on hot summer days. Linen becomes an excellent choice for warm weather because it allows air to pass through and drains away moisture.

Moreover, it is proven to be a good source of reducing body temperature as it absorbs sweat and keeps you cool. 

Linen Hijab


Summer-friendly hijabs are quite accessible that won't make you feel dizzy in the heat. The essential concern could be looking for fashions that work for summer; however, it depends on the fabric and style you choose to carry. 

The best option is cotton or linen, as it absorbs sweat. However, you should definitely avoid silk as summertime is the season for looser materials, and never go for polyesters as they are too hot. 

Choosing non-slippery and breathable fabrics are recommended, which are delicate and flow perfectly on summer days. This is how you won't overheat, regardless of how you choose your style to wear a hijab.